LANDSCAPE A Short Film by K2 Snowboarding

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Since the beginning, the soul of K2 Snowboarding has resided deep in the mountains

The exploration of new terrain and bigger lines drove innovation, always putting the performance of our product at the center of our brand.

We’ve dedicated our time, resources, and brainpower to develop product that provides the best possible on-snow experience. Snowboards that harness the feeling of freedom and excitement that comes from discovering new terrain.

Freeriding is not just one thing. It is a mindset. A mindset built around exploration, discovery, progression, engaging your sidecut, finding the perfect turn, grabbing your board, the list goes on…

Harnessing that mindset, K2 Snowboarding proudly introduces The Landscape Collection. This collection of snowboards was developed to represent every freerider, every riding style, and truly embodies our outlook on the freeride category.

Snowboarders; Sage Kotsenburg, David Djité, Curtis Ciszek, Jody Wachniak, Tim Eddy, Hannah Eddy, Caley Vanular, Melissa Riitano, and Justin Clark.

Filmed on location at Great Northern Cat Skiing, Laax Resort, and the Wyoming and British Columbia backcountry.

Filmed by Seamus Foster, Golden Rand, Jeremy Thornburg, Mo Jennings, & More Edited by Seamus Foster Photography Dominic Zimmerman, Jeremy Thornburg, Rusty Ockenden, Ben Girardi, Marc O’Malley


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