Swatch Nines 2024: The Core Cuts

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Wrapping up the madness of Swatch Nines 2024

S9W24 Day 1 Action FridjtofTischendorf TheoAcworth 1002000 Web 2 1 1024x681 - Swatch Nines 2024: The Core Cuts
Fridjtof Tischendorf. Photo: Theo Acworth

After world record highlights and deep-dive documentaries, it’s time to take in the madness of Swatch Nines from a different angle. This year the Nines teamed up with Method Mag and Magma to create two core edits—one for snowboarders and one for skiers.

For the snowboard crowd, Method Mag editor-in-chief Justin Dulith serves up a dish that’s equal parts party recap and highlight reel. Combining the week’s best action from on the mountain with a stroll through the Nines’ lively nightlife, the Method x Nines edit is live now on the Method Mag YouTube channel.

For the skiers, the Magma crew of Owen Dahlberg, Hunter Hess and Alex Hall showed up at Swatch Nines to re-interpret the session in their own very unique manner. Together with riders like Nico Porteous, Max Moffatt and Jesper Tjäder, Magma found the low-key vibes underpinning this high-octane session. The cut is live now on Magma’s YouTube.


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