OutDoor by ISPO 2024: Sustainability Hub

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Meet the avant garde of sustainability at the Sustainability Hub at OutDoor by ISPO 2024!

Regenerative agriculture promotes biodiversity

Meet suppliers of animal fibers, who are shifting the needle towards responsible farming practices in the Sustainability Hub at OutDoor by ISPO.

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In an era marked by environmental concerns and sustainability imperatives, the use of animal fibers carries significant responsibility. There is an the urgent need for regenerative farming that prioritizes biodiversity and animal welfare.

Amid discussions on land use and the ethics of animal agriculture, the merits of animal fibers should not be overlooked eiher. Regenerative agriculture promises potential for ecosystem restoration, and the Sustainability Hub highlights sustainable practices, where animal fibers and materials are derived in a conscientious manner.


The potential of Animal Fibers

These Brands and Organizations are speaking on the topic of regenerative agriculture and the potential of animal fibers at the Sustainability Tour

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Tuesday, 4th of June at 11.00 am

Mackenzie Muir from the The New Zealand Merino Company

The ZQRX wool sourcing program leads a significant shift in sourcing, emphasizing regenerative farming for positive social, animal, and environmental outcomes.

Stephanie Jaeger from the International Down and Feathers Bureau (IDFB)

The International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB) commissioned a Life Cycle Assessment by an independent third-party, Long Trail Sustainability, confirming that down has 85% – 97% lower impact than polyester in all 5 categories analyzed.

Herbert Lindenmaier from lavalan

European sheep play an important role in maintaining biodiversity, keeping landscapes open, protecting against erosion and landslides.

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GreenroomVoice on the Green Stage

Monday 03th of June 10:00 → 11:00 Public Event

How to make a positive impact on Biodiversity, the role of the outdoor industry

Panelists: Hanna Dennes from Textile Exchange, Mackenzie Muir from NZMerino, Tanya Bascombe from EOCA

Synopsis: Biodiversity loss stands as one of the biggest challenges confronting humanity today. In this discussion panel, we aim to explore the impacts of the textile industry on biodiversity, strategies for mitigating the risks associated with biodiversity loss through regenerative farming, and effective methods for safeguarding our precious wild spaces.



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