Mindfully Crafted :: Manufactured with 100% Solar Energy

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Sustainable manufacturing from Arbor…


Arbor Snowboard’s long standing manufacturing partnership with SWS Board Technology is one of the key components to the brand’s ability to deliver on our founding mission to focus on sustainability. SWS’s commitment to mindfully crafting snowboards goes well beyond today’s quality and sustainability standards.

Their efforts allow Arbor Snowboards to offer meaningful progression, year-in and year-out, in reducing the impact that snowboard production has on the planet.

WE ARE PROUD TO: Build Arbor Snowboards in a facility powered by 100% Solar Energy, in a location that provides 2.5 times more photovoltaic potential than anywhere else in the world. Produce Arbor Snowboards using a wide range of recycled materials, sustainably sourced natural fibers, bio-epoxies, and eco plastics.

Filmed/Edited: Sean Lucey

Photography: Josh Poehlein

Art: Arbor Collective

Director: Dave Marx

Location: SWS Board Technology Dubai, UAE

Thanks: John Colvin, George Can’t, Renske Vissel-Law, Rainier Nouhra, Everyone at SWS


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