What’s Cracking

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“Whats Crackin“ is a short snowboard movie filmed in the streets of Tirol

It all began with filming shots just to enjoy some quality time with friends. The Innsbruck locals had a long list of plans and trips for the winter, but when things turned worse they realized the right thing to do was to not move around and keep filming in their local region when possible: they got good snow, that’s all what they really needed!

What’s Crackin talks about snowboarding in its pure essence: you don’t really need exotic places, fly a thousand miles or do extreme stuff to have fun.

All you need is a solid crew of friends, commitment and a sort of plan: then things happen.

Filmed by: Nico Schneider ; Jacco Bos, Mats-Ole Andreas and the riders Boarding By: Fabian Fraidl, Christian Kirsch; Michi Schatz; Alex Taferner; Jonas Huser, Ken Pollu, Oskar Fritzsche; Dinar Galimov, Jonas Insam , Valentin Haslbeck and Michael Kirsch. Edit by: Oskar Fritzsche

Shoutouts: Huge shoutouts to Nico Schneider for always being out with us, you’re a living dictionary.

Much props go to Theo Acworth and Kristin Ludwig for standing in the cold and taking sick pictures.

Thank a lot StayBasket Crew Simon Houlind and Rasmus Nilsen for the long FaceTime talks & technical filming support.

Finally, thanks to everybody who helped us along the way to make What’s Cracking happen!

Music: Ghost Dream by Blouse Building by Anbr


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