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Triproulette a web series by Victor DAVIET…

As powerful as some fresh tzatziki or the smell of my boots after 6 hours of pow, say hello once again to … TRIP ROULETTE by Victor Daviet (it’s me dudes!), a new concept of web-series that mixes snowboard, travel and ecology (but not too boring I promise). So now what’s the goal? Traveling differently and be as eco-friendly as possible, snowboarding and… share good moments and funny memories with you.

To sum up (and because all the explanations are in the video), I’ll take with me a mystery guest on a trip to an unknown destination we’ll reach with an ecological transport. So basically it could be a mule, snowshoeing, on foot, a camel, a van, or even a sailboat. But dudes, I know what you are actually thinking “please come on man, this is not revolutionary and it truly looks like a common trip with some buddies of yours”. But WAIT because this is gonna be interesting… For each episode, and based on your suggestions in the comments, I will turn 3 wheels that will determine the guest, destination and the way of transportation. So let chance decide…

This episode 3 of TRIP ROULETTE is one of a kind : no usual technical spins here, no show business stars or any sort of glamor, make way for adventure, Uno games, humor but mostly humans! Victor landed in Pakistan thanks to @Zomconnection, a non profit organization created by Chamonix legendary rider Julien « Pica » Herry, which aims to develop winter sports in Pakistan.

Once on site, Victor took this opportunity to organise a new TRIP ROULETTE adventure. Together with Roger and Michele, the two carrier donkeys, Victor brings along the young locals from Madaklasht valley for their first backcountry expedition in the mountains. Side by side, they will reach what one would call « the ends of the earth » : a magnificent valley surrounded by 6000 meters high vertical peaks covered in immense glaciers.

This team formed by young people from different cultural background yet united by their passion for snowboard (while having wide technical differences!) will create strong friendships sharing sweat and shivering nights, making progress under Victor’s supervision and of course, losing to foolish bets at UNO! Let the adventure begin! ———-

Producer: Victor DAVIET, Editing: Jean Remy CERON Videos: Jean Remy CERON – Victor DAVIET – Mathieu Maynadier VFX: Léonard MERCIER Inspiration & Motivation : Alban JEHLEN, ALMO (Mogran & Franck)

BIG THANKS : ZOM Connection & crew for the opportunity and the good times in Pakistan, the Rock stars : Jibran / Adeeb / Asif / Ayub / Hasnain, Muizz for the pictures, Saeed, the cooks, Hindukush Snow Club, JR for following and capturing those crazy moments, Mémé for snoring this hard and the drone shots, Uno game for the good moment, All the riders who gave some gear to Pakistan, all the locals for the warm welcome and Pakistan for the amazing experience !

And of course Thanks to all the friends / Victoire / Arthur Daviet / Alban Jehlen for the precious advices / And a big thanks to Almo film for helping me launching TRIP ROULETTE


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