The Crap Show 2021 #4 LAAX

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BOOM. A fresh episode of The Crap Show with crispy footage from Snowpark LAAX! To kick things off, we’ll follow David Hablützel through the superpipe, where he absolutely blasts through the air. Can you tell whether he rides goofy or regular? Seriously. How are those back-to-back regular and switch tricks yo!

After that heavy action in the big stunt ditch, the show continues on P60 where Kevin Ignacia takes over. As you might expect from this dutch shredder, he absolutely loves to grind rails and excels in it! Jonas “JJ” Junker takes us from the mini pipe to the medium park “Ils Plauns” and makes snowboarding look way too easy with his relaxed riding. Meanwhile the show goes on on P60, with local shredder Max Bärtsch and Crap Show veteran Elio Fumagalli who clearly both understood the definition of “style”. But sit tight and watch the clip until the end, because things get interesting when mafioso Giovanni Rizzi drops in. This underdog is a true ATV that can tackle any terrain on his snowboard. He’ll flip in the pipe, ain’t afraid to cork over big jumps and has a bunch of rail tricks in his back pocket.

Riders: David Hablützel, Kevin Ignacia, Jonas Junker, Max Bärtsch, Elio Fumagalli & Giovanni Rizzi

Music: Kreepin Out Da Krut – CAYO // God Vs. Devil – Gravediggaz

Film & edit: Lucas “Blume” Rösli


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