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Stay Basket presents Svidd Gummi, 3rd Movie…

Svidd Gummi is the norwegian word for torched tires. This name came because Simon Houlind is a drifter and obsessed about it. Watching drifting videos all the time, and seeing it live made the name. Everyone knows the smell of svidd gummi.

This Movie is filmed in a 8 days period with snow in Oslo, 2 x 3 days trip to Gjøvik and a good 3 days trip to Hovden/Haukeli and of course a trip to the drifting lane. It was a shitty winter with bad snow conditions in Norway, some injuries also putted it on hold and of course with other obligations in life it got limited. But its no difference for anyone, and that’s the life we signed up for. This year there is a couple of new faces, and the danish and norwegians adopted a american viking to their clan.

This is a none profit project and we do it because we love snowboarding.

Riders: Alex Klerud, Simon Houlind, Grant Giller, Emil Mo, Tobias Himmelstrup, Sune Buch Josephsen, Thomas Hubert, Mikkel V. Jørgensen, Jullebro, Kasper Brattested, Endre Brynildsen, Håkon Haslum and Anders Karlsen



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