SOY SAUCE NATION’als – Timberline – 2021

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A Snowboy production…

What started as an Instagram community has now grown into it’s own event!

Here’s a glimpse of what went down over two warm days on Mt Hood. A first of it’s kind event, that won’t be the last!

Filmed and edited by Ted Borland. 

Additional filming by Luis Medearis.

Riding clips including Miles Fallon, Nirvana Ortanez, Andre “AK” Kelly, Christina Burtner, Nali Prevedel, Steve Lauder, Cody James, Summer Fenton, Anny Vongsavanh, Hiro Sun, Zach Griffin, Won Suh, Morrison Hsieh, Sadie Maeda, Kim Woozy, Callen Hwang and Raibu Katayama

Big thanks to Roxy, Timberline, Crab Grab, Dang Shades, and all the filmers, photographers and diggers that made this event possible.


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