Pipe Lines – Mountain High – 2024

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This is the third year of Snowboy Productions Pipe Lines jib and transition collaboration with the crew at Mountain High…

Here’s a glimpse of what went down over three sunny days in SoCal!

Filmed and edited by Daniel Vega

Additional filming by Tom Haraden, Alex Havey, Randy Shelby & Drew Warbritton

Riders in order of appearance : Jon Chew, Matt Tam, Tyler Lynch, Melissa Evans-Gray, Jesse Gomez, Ian Scherrer, Owen Wilson, Haruna Ishihara, Michael McDaniel, Phil Bahner, Cali Carlson, Gibby Corocoran, Lenny Mazzotti, George Malcom, Anny Vongsavanh, Yuki Kadona, Joey Peterson, Mike Gray, Matt Carlyle, Karis Dolman, Niko Phelan, Laura Rogoski, Myrie Metzger, Will Keene, Skyler Gallardo, Bobby Stitt, Braeden Adams, Sam Anderson, Keyser Murphy, J DeForge & Jake Aaronson


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