Over Yonder – Episode 3

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Episode 3 heads to British Columbia for some serious powder…

Before we knew what we were doing for EP3 we were in touch with Garrett warnick trying to figure out a way to crew up to film backcountry. He was up in BC at the end of feb and we got a text saying “it’s DEEP” and that’s all we needed to hear to pack the truck up and head north… really far north.

Our crew changed a few times but we were accompanied by Garrett warnick, Kyle Mack, Johan Rosen, nick khatter, Ryan Paterson, Keegan Hosefros and Keenan filmer. Luckily for us, the storms just kept coming in. Avalanche conditions made a lot of terrain inaccessible for most of the time we were there, but we managed.

Great times, great crews, great snow, what more could we ask for, Canada provides!


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