Orange Things

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The winter of 2022/2023 was absolutely incredible in Salt Lake City, Utah – home to K2 staff filmed Seamus Foster and team riders like Justin Phipps. Some early season clips in Utah gave the crew the “itch” to get out and about. Endless hours on Google Earth and some Japanese intel (thanks Aito) lead Jake Kuzyk, Justin Phipps, Antti Jussila, Mark Wilson, and our media team into the rabbit hole, and tickets were booked to the city of Muroran. Muroran is a fishing village and port city located on the south side of the island of Hokkaidõ. Often referred to as Japan’s “north Island,” Hokkaidõ is storied for it’s terrain, deep snow, incredible food, and cultural warmth.

The city of Muroran overlooks the Uchiura Bay – home to whales, dolphins, the Mt. Komagatake volcano. With a metro population hovering around 100,000 people, the city of Muroran and it’s surrounding villages is packed full unique terrain, textbook features, and aesthetically pleasing spots to snowboard on.

Check the entire thing out in “orange things,” a short film from K2 Snowboarding.

Snowboarders – Jake Kuzyk, Mark Wilson, Justin Phipps, Antti Jussila, Aito Ito

Film & Edit – Seamus Foster Photography – Marc O’Malley

Music – “Naan Ding” by Slint & “Orange Things” by Best Witches


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