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A film by Alexis Hernandez-Roland. Novella is a unique take on the traditional snowboard movie…

In addition to street and backcountry riding, it features interviews with many riders in the community.

Each has a unique perspective and experience, but we are all brought together by our love of this one thing. Snowboarding.

Featured riders: Alexis Hernandez-Roland (they/she), Laura Rogoski (she/her), Parker Gonnet, Summer Fenton, John Bryant, and Darrius Collins

Interviewees: Everyone listed above, plus; Lolo Derminio, Gela Malekpour (she/her), Bille Reva, Egan Wint, Mike McDaniel, Lily Tahar (she/they) & Natawnie Spellacy (she/her)

Filmed and edited by: Alexis Hernandez-Roland Additional filming by: Casey Pflipsen, Elias Lamm, Pat Morrisey, John Bloom, Daniel Tyler, Daniel Vega, Talon Monteau, Jennifer Chang, Nali Prevedel, Darrius Collins, Riley Hopperstad, Ari Morrone, Kyle Greene, Kevin Nolan & photos by Mary Walsh

Soundtrack: “Night Creeper” by The Blackwater Fever, “Magic” by van xo vibes, “Phony” by Naked Cameo, “A Somber Beat for a Gloomy Day” by van xo vibes, “007” by Sharktank “Flames” by van xo vibes ,“It’s Voodoo” by Still Corners, “Honey Jam” by Massobeats, “Freaks” by Surf Curse “It’s My Life” by No Doubt Thumbnail photo : Laura Rogoski by Mike Yoshida

Thanks to We’re All Mental, Snowboy Productions and Nitro Snowboards for supporting this project.

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