Living room | a short film featuring Cole Navin

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Torment proudly presents “living room”…

A feature film showcasing the movements and renderings of Cole Navin and his friends.

Join us as we document the deep dive into Cole’s altered world.

Riders in order of appearence

  • Tommy Towns
  • Reid Smith
  • Spencer Schubert
  • Savannah Shinske
  • Forest Bailey
  • Jill Perkins
  • Mark Wilson
  • Parker Szumowski
  • Nick Erickson
  • Dan Liedahl

directed by cole navin & jon stark

filmed by jon stark

produced by ian boll & jon stark

8mm shot by cole navin, marc o’malley, jon stark, ian boll and tanner pendleton

16mm shot by ian boll, jon stark & tanner pendleton

additional filming by harry hagan, jake durham, tanner pendleton, marc o’malley, cole navin, savannah shinske, cam boll, colton morgan and reid smith

Presented by The North Face, Vans and Ride Snowboards


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