Less Than Lost

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Paid Programming Presents “Less Than Lost”


Featuring Tomi Maletic, Jesse Jarrett, Dawson McLachlan, Vinny Laz, Quin Ellul, Chris Fellner, Mike Rotsaert, Morgan Richter, Mike Shoreman, Dave Zaugg, and friends.

Edited by Jesse Jarrett and Vincent Laszlo

Filmed by Jesse Jarrett, Vinny Laz and Pat Quesnel

Supported by Sanction, Switch, Gnu, Bent Metal, Capita, Union, Vans, Thirtytwo, Dinosaurs Will Die, Salmon Arms, Crab Grab, Ashbury, Dragon and Stinky

Thank you Matt Dear, Rob Madill, Malcom Vaughn, Charles Javier, Stu Cameron, Jay Shoemaker, Jeff Kennan, Sean Genovese, Ashley Braun, Mike Behagg, Quin Ellul and Chris Fitzsimmons.


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