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Kael Hill presents: “One Brain” – A video part with a higher purpose…

It’s easy to get complacent and comfortable when not wearing a helmet, especially in the streets. I’ve been there…. You are mindful enough to navigate most situations in snowboarding without hitting your head. You are a confident rider and at this point rarely even think about wearing a helmet. Your reasons for not wearing one vary, but if we’re being real, for most** of us it started because the riders we look up to weren’t wearing them and we either wanted to be like them, or feared that we wouldn’t be taken seriously if we strayed from the norm. This program works for a while, then all of a sudden some day that one lapse in judgment or the variable you couldn’t account for shows up and your life is altered in a split second when you smash your head on concrete, metal or ice. Was it really worth it? The image? The Acceptance? The Comfort? Would a helmet have helped? Who knows…

I’ve been back and forth on helmets my entire adult Snowboard life and have suffered the consequences of resisting safety over style. I can say whole heartedly that if I could go back and wear a helmet 100% of the time since my teens, I would. I’ve seen tragedy after tragedy and dealt with having my life completely disrupted on multiple occasions.

I don’t think everyone should have to wear a helmet, but I think that we as professional snowboarders, need to consider the impact of our influence, and not just our own personal comfort.

Wouldn’t it be nice if young impressionable minds were totally free to make their own decision without negative pressure to conform?

The general snowboard population seems to get it but it’s just the core that is holding on to the past. Let’s let it go! Cultivate a culture of self love and give the next generation the gift of fewer head trauma tragedies!

This part is dedicated to @saveabrain! Keep up the great work and let’s keep the dialogue and education rolling! Much Love, Kael

RIDERS: Kael Hill @kaelhill

EDITED: Russ Lee @runskatechill


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