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Backyard shredding at it’s finest…

I am very honored to finally release this project that I have worked very hard to create. It started in November when a friend of mine, Chris Casper, told me their were excavations going on below the resort that banned me for 99 years. After filming an iphone full part in Spokane in October for 2 days 😂 (One hell of a weekend) with the homies Austin Vizz, Justin Pope and Jack Powell I went back down to Wenatchee with the intention to build my own park.

The first time I went to the spot was in early November to make the first two features while also collecting excavated wood and stashing materials eventually naming the spot “Fork Tree” because everything toilet bowled down to the fork tree at the bottom. As more snow came in I started going up every day to set up a new feature or clean up the boneyard of logs or sticks right beneath the surface. By December the snow was so good I was able to car lap from graffiti rock down to Fork Tree or even further going all the way down to beehive, getting untouched waist-deep pow laps on my way down. I told my good friend Justin Pope how sick it was and basically forced him to move down for the month of December.

By the end of December Justin Pope and I had just finished filming an iPhone project named “JESUS” which was a joke about us putting in ‘Jesus’s work’. Sadly Pope had to move back to Spokane at the beginning of January because of a slipped disc in his back. Not wanting to give up on the spot I started lugging up my tripod and camera and filmed myself every day in order to make Jesus 2.

This was the first time I have produced, directed, filmed and rode my own park. I hope you enjoy the dedication and effort it took in order to make this project happen!


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