INEXCLUSIVE a film by Elias Elhardt

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INEXCLUSIVE a playful take on resort snowboarding.

What’s the most significant barrier for a day of snowboarding – the most common answer is “lift ticket prices.”

Elias Elhardt and Jason Robinson were in the legendary Jackson Hole Mountain resort enjoying the epic terrain with excellent snow conditions to film for a short film project when they ran into this problem of expensive lift tickets, long lift lines, and an exclusive touristy vibe. Therefore, they decided to check out the local town hill of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, “Snow King Resort”, just 10 miles away. There, they found a communal mountain lifestyle where seemingly all generations from town came to enjoy their afternoons, whether they were touring, ski racing, bobsledding, or just hanging out. It was a perfect environment for the two friends to join in and do what they love best: Playfully using the terrain this place had to offer. While the ticket prices there were also not incredibly cheap at Snow King due to generally high prices in the area, they were still almost two-thirds less expensive than at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which now costs up to $245 a day.

So with this film, Elias Elhardt wants to shed light on this rising exclusivity of our sport, especially in the big resorts worldwide, and meanwhile pay tribute to the local mountain operations. These smaller resorts can still offer a gateway for many people to get into snowboarding and regularly share turns with their local community.

Featuring. Elias Elhardt and Jason Robinson

Camera. Wade Dunstan and David Cleeland

Editor. David Cleeland and Anjuna Hartmann

Colors. Matilda Schön

Music. La fête noire by Flavien Berger

Licensed by. Florent De Maria

Directed by. Elias Elhardt


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