“How’s the air up there?”

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Innsbruck, Austria – Street Jam Week…

Ahhhh, Austria. One might normally associate the alps with beautiful views, crisp mountain air, and fresh spring water coming from the massive glaciers. Or, for this time of year, you might see footage from national teams training on the pristine snowboard parks that lie just a few gondola rides away from the little city of Innsbruck.

Well, the Air Up There was quite different on the week that we ventured out. Take a look as we explore the first few days of the season for MoonPark, the DIY setup that’s local to most of Europe’s top jibbers – this would end up as the calm before the storm. With a bleak opening season, that “Storm” did not come in the form of actual weather. It was the brainchild event of Ethan Morgan called “DiyX Street Jam”. As far as that went, well, we aren’t quite sure how to describe it in words, so you’ll have to watch and see the carnage for yourself.

Riders – Max Warbington, Benny Urban, Louif Paradis, Fredrik PerryMarty Vachon, Danimals, Seb Picard, Benny Milam, Garrett Mckenzie, Halldor Helgason, Rene Rinnekangas, Sven Thorgren, Max DeVries, Hrund Hanna, Fabi Freidl, Davide Goggio, Len Jorgensen, Dillon Henricksen, Zeb Powell, Ethan Morgan, and many, many more.

Major Shout Out to Method Mag for putting on one hell of an event. Thanks for letting us tag along!

Video by Ted Borland + Stan


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