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A short film featuring Arthur Longo, made with friends near and far during winter 2021.

Featuring Arthur Longo, Dan Liedahl, Mary Rand, Blake Paul, and more.

Filmed by Jake Price, Harry Hagan, and Olivier Gittler.

Directed and edited by Tanner Pendleton.

Music Credits: “Instrumentals Vol. 1 Pt. 3” by Arthur Russel “It Takes a Muscle” by Spectral Display “Raum” by Grauzone “The Camp” by Trisomi 24 “I So Liked Spring” by Linda Smith

About Vans Snow: For more than 20 years, Vans Snow has stood for one thing: pushing the limits of what’s possible through progression and innovation. Founded in our rich heritage and evolved through purpose-built products, Vans Snow is dedicated to unlocking your most genuine expression of style.

Vans Global Snow Team: Arthur Longo, Benny Urban, Blake Paul, Bryan Iguchi, Cole Navin, Dan Liedahl, Darrell Mathes, Dillon Ojo, Hana Beaman, Jake Kuzyk, Jamie Lynn, Kennedi Deck, Mary Rand, Mike Ravelson, Parker Szumowski, Pat Moore, Sam Taxwood, and Wolle Nyvelt.


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