Covi_Quoi? – Full movie 2021

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One lockdown, one resort, one movie!

When the whole town becomes a playground.

A very french snowboarding video project ALL FILMED in les 2 Alpes.

Directed by: Kevin Marchal Camera : Kevin Marchal – Kobe Clynckemaillie – Julien Nurdin Photography : Gwendal Moysan

Team rider: Mehdi Soltane / Arthur Ney / Oscar Ney / Lenny Oliver / Gustin Masson / Arnaud De Bourbon Parme / Julien Nurdin / Kobe Clyncke / Julien Savary / Baptiste Gaud

Supported by: l atelier du snowboard / Bangingbees / Whiteline snowboarding / Volcom / The black winch / Pag neckwear / Deuz identity / Boris burger / Le trappeur 2 Alpes / Le genepi des sommets / Chalet Lièvre blanc


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