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Take a trip back to VHS quality footage…

After surviving “Cojib-19”, the chuuch decided to resurrect the VHS camera and make another video. Filmed in Oregon with a quick trip to Utah.

Sangwich video soon!

By Leif Draznin-French

Boarders: Jed Sky, Jordan Morse, Demetri Bales, Max Schroeder, Griffin Frigaard, Ryan Flaska, Sam Bakken, Marcus Rand, Jack Yelle, Bryant Davis, Kai Polendey, Zach Redmon, Connor Cox, Hunter Bissler, CJ Culligan, Casey Mitchell, Ian Sullivan, Jake Day, Taylor Rydman, Frank Day, Reilly Tardiff, Jagger Heckman

Filmers: Leif Draznin-French, Hunter Bissler, Aaron Kiser, Jack Reid, Cody James, Veronica Forbe,s Paul Osborne, Zach Redmon, Connor Cox, Jagger Heckman, Jed Sky

Sponsors: BDK Boardshop @bdkboardshop, Sangwich @sangwich69, The Daily Dose @_the_dailydose, Dadcamonymous @dadcamonymous, Batwing @batwing8d


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