Bro’s, brews and base abuse in Chamrousse!

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In late march, Innsbruck-based Flo Corzelius and Simon Pircher jumped on an invite to visit Chamrousse in France and experience their fabled settings of the sun.

Volcom wizards Mehdi Soltane, Lenny Oliver & and the locals rolled out the red carpet for us, then tore down the park, feature for feature.

Here’s a glimpse of what transpired during those 4-5 bluebird days and nights, of which remains mostly a blur.

Except of course the unmistakable, all-pervasive laughter of our VIP guest Victor « Doobie » Pellegrin.

Thanks to : Sunsetpark Chamrousse shapers, Chamrousse Tourism Office, Lagunitas, Bruno Rivoire, Eléonora Ferrari, Theo Acworth, Julien Mounier, David Tchag (particarly for Dj’ing- Best playlist ever), Doobie aka Victor Pellegrin, Eliott Barral and Every Sunset Park shredder with whom we spent the week


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