2022 Rome Snowboards X Snowboy Productions Sidehit Seance

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After two years of waiting for an event we thought may never happen due to a certain global pandemic, the Sidehit Seance came to life…

Last March we assembled a heavy crew of Global Pros, Ams from across the country, and regional rippers to terrorize the inagural Sidehit Seance at VT’s very own Sugarbush Resort.

With an amazing hand-built course courtesy of Snowboy Productions and Sugarbush Parks’ crews, the vibes were heavy and the stoke was flowing. Watch @Stale_Sandbech , Len Jorgensen, Ivika Jurgenson, Madison Blackley, and all your favorite Syndicate AM rippers rip the Sidehit Seance setup now.

Special thanks to @SnowboyProductions97 , Sugarbush Parks, and @MonsterEnergy

Filmed by Chris DeJohn and Devin Bernard

Edited by Devin Bernard


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