2 Feet At 8 Seconds

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Boardslide Worldwide presents 2 feet @ 8 seconds…

The result of an El Nino miracle and a handlebar mustache. Filmed in 8 days at the Boardlside Worldwide headquarters.

Supported by: Lib Technologies: https://www.lib-tech.com/lib-rig

Coal Headwear: https://coalheadwear.com/collections/…

Fat Tire: https://www.newbelgium.com/beer/fat-t…

Film and Edit: Sean Lucey

A special thank you to the Mt. Baker staff and Pro Patrol

Boarders and Boards ridden:

Austen Sweetin 153 Lib Tech Lib-Rig

Matteo Soltane 159 GNU Banked Country

Brayden Charrette 159 Lib Tech Dynamo

Phil Hansen 159 Lib Tech Lib-Rig

Zoe Vernon 152.5 Lib Tech Mayhem Rocket

Kai Huggin 159 Lib Tech TRS and 159 Lib Tech Jamie Lynn

Robin Van Gyn 154 Jones Flagship

Cannon Cummins 159 GNU Banked Country


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