The Instinct Diaries – Episode: 3

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‘Reset’ feat. Mathieu Crepel…

2020 forced many of us to change things, for Mathieu Crepel it was another step in a process of reevaluating his approach to work, life and riding.

Having been pro since an early age, young Mathieu accepted the travel schedule and search for perfect conditions that went hand in hand with the industry at the time. However, over the past few winters he’s felt his conscience develop, and as well as giving back through projects like he’s reassessed how to balance his thirst for riding with a better approach.

Along with a new-found passion for surf shaping, Mathieu continues to push for ways to work with nature, rather than setting ourselves against it. This is how that went last winter, this is ‘Reset’. A film by Samuel McMahon

Featuring Mathieu Crepel

Additional footage by Jon Ray, Tom Granier and Guillaume Arrieta

Cover photo by Jerome Tanon

Music: ‘Clouded Mind’ by William Benckert & ‘Dear Love’ from the album ‘All The Same’ by Francie Moon…

Special thanks to Thierry Kunz & Victor Daviet


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