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Charms & characters of bindingless snowsurfing…

Partie – an ode to and motion picture about all the simple pleasures, endless possibilities, and precious moments powdersurfing sans bindings can offer to everyone everywhere.

Enjoy an encounter with a selection of individuals of the current bindingless snowsurfing revelation. their local and enthusiastic adventures explore the potential amusement to be had on powsurfing devices regardless of age, gender, skill level and location.

The filming started november 2019 and ended june 2021. the film was shot locally in the alps in terrain often overlooked and easily accessible.

To underline the local approach from a different perspective, one visit to a remote location in siberia was an adequate exception. and a vivid evidence that the bindingless excitement has already spread to far and unexpected corners of the world.

Powdersurfing is as diverse as the characters celebrating it. therefore we take a look at an intentional selection of human beings that live and breath gliding through the white without the use of bindings their very own way.

Some devote as many days as possible to the bindingless bliss, others just got started or only head out when the conditions are really calling for. everyone has to work and hike to ride.

We chose those people for their original approach, their unique characters and their straightforward enthusiasm towards this topic.

People – olivier milon favre, didier balzaretti, noa bury, paul gruber, kostya san, scott mckay, celia, artimus & kurt petrig, susanna guidi, ben dietermann, jakob garvelmann, louisa marie summer, jakob brechensbauer, cello dietermann, lukas wolfer, maria herz, daniel schneider, tim brodesser, arvet fuchs, daniel loosli, willem & willemien wiggers, elena koenz, timo oosterveer, ivar & marie eisma, jan scherer, dennis namesnik, guillaume schleret, reinhold uhrner, tobias vetter, christopher eckbauer, stani macheiner & more

Camera – bruno & der stock, ben dietermann, noah biehler, irina & kostya san, olivier milon favre, didier balzaretti, louisa marie summer, daniel schneider, lukas prüfer, max wildenmann, jakob garvelmann, cello dietermann, lukas wolfer, maria herz, michael reibenschuh, lilo krebernik, marcus wolf, schumi & some more


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