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Behind The Scenes in Tyrol’s Secret DIY Snowpark…

Tucked away in the Tyrolean Alps Benny Urban’s very own DIY snowpark was the perfect place to host the first-ever Moonpark Battles.

Moonpark is a private fun project of Benny and his friends located in the beautiful Austrian Alps near Innsbruck. While many ski resorts were still closed and many events cancelled this winter, Benny took the privilege of having a perfect private setup to share it with five snowboarders and invite them and their filmers.

Each rider was given a full day to film a 60-second edit for the Method Mag Instagram account, whilst completing several general tricks from the challenge book. All edits had to be edited and submitted by midnight of the same day. However, Benny spiced things up a bit by giving each rider individual challenges that don´t necessarily play to their strengths and riding style. After all, snowboarding ain’t easy and you definitely want to keep it fun, right?!

Eventually, all edits were uploaded to Method Mag´s IG account and the community voted for their favorite edit to win 1.000€ cash.

Hit play and take a look behind the scenes of the first-ever Moonpark Battles!

Riders: Kevin Ignacia, Simon Pircher, Leon Vockensperger, Henrik Meyn and Dominik Wagner


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